Winners & Why

Sharp Informatics Ensures Your Database Delivers for:


  • Strategic insights
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved bottom line


  • Cost controls
  • IT systems integration
  • Accountable information

IT Analysts

  • SME drives data inputs
  • Precise requirements
  • Technical validation

End Users

  • Subject experts
  • No tech knowledge
  • Guaranteed deliverable


  • Popular products
  • Better service
  • Affordable cost


Natural Language Modeling Is Accountable, Reliable, Insightful

Sharp Informatics ensures database designs are right the first time, every time.

Utilizing Sharp Informatics’ Natural Language Modeling (NLM), end users become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) by answering simple questions about their area of expertise. NLM processes the answers and produces correct IT systems requirements for the database. This streamlines management costs by reducing modifications to IT systems development and implementation. Leveraging strategic insights from the data enables executives to adapt to competitive shifts and create brand-loyal customers.

Every stakeholder benefits from Natural Language Modeling:

NLM Leverages Non-Technical Inputs from End Users

  • No technical expertise needed from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Helps SMEs define and validate business rules in simple sentences
  • Offers change management input flexibility
  • Creates buy-in for SMEs who validate the resulting rules


NLM Defines Precise Systems Requirements for IT Professionals

  • Determines if multiple, conflicting business rules are in use
  • Tracks how SME questions are answered and eliminates finger-pointing
  • Ensures SMEs are accountable for all rules implemented in the application
  • Defines a precise specification of the requirements
  • Validates business rules and applications that support the rules


NLM Integrates Data and Multiple Systems for IT Managers

  • Minimizes software design defects
  • Limits accountability to the implementation of the specified design
  • Integrates and consolidates existing systems, COTS, and legacy data (SQL, Oracle, & more)
  • Reveals the skill level of IT analysts
  • Manages scope and schedule of IT projects


NLM Delivers Cost Controls and Strategic Insights for Executives

  • Streamlines IT infrastructure
  • Reflects accurate data
  • Generates meaningful strategic insights
  • Reduces overhead costs


NLM Ensures Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduces cost
  • Improves features
  • Offers legacy integration
  • Delivers new product innovation


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