Data Whispering


Data Whispering

Public Session:

Want errors in your data model corrected before your management and/or implementation team see them? Want to increase your analysis skills by assisting in data reviews? Just want to observe the full glory of business rule sausage making?

Come to Data Whispering, a new, open and no-cost forum to identify incorrect rules hidden in information models and increase your modeling skills. The sessions are open to any business analyst or Subject Matter Expert trying to understand issues involved in the validation or approval of information models. This is a recurring program on an ad hoc schedule so please put yourself on the waiting list.

The session reviews an example model to explain the NLM approach to finding errors.  A section of a model from the attendees is then selected for analysis. The analyzed model must be available for public viewing. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can be called if additional information is needed during the review process. If there is time additional examples are reviewed.

Private Session:

Select a section of a model that is of concern.  Schedule a Data Whispering session.   This can either be in person or over the internet.  The session starts with a brief example to explain the NLM approach to finding errors.  The session usually ends after two free business rule errors are identified.  Arrangements can be made for complete validation sessions.

Data Whispering Session
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